Our Culture

A Place Worth Being

Our employees have pride in working for Blessing Health System and as a result, we have many long term employees--some working with us for over 40+ years!

Our Commitment to Excellence

We have a strong commitment to our patients and the well being of our community. To uphold our promise we are passionate about our ICARE Standards of care.

Development Opportunities

Here at Blessing we believe leaders are created and leadership is a choice. Coaching and developing our employees is truly the heart of the Blessing Health System culture. We strongly believe in promotion from within, and in order to do so, we partner with our employees to understand their career goals and give them tools to achieve them.

Talent Development Program:

Our Talent Development Program (TDP) is designed to provide participants with the skills, knowledge and confidence they need to take ownership of their career. TDP centers on giving individuals that show leadership ambition the tools to progress in the direction they desire. Our program helps participants develop their potential and their unique strengths so they can succeed in their current positions, and also identify future positions for which they are ideally suited.

Educational Assistance Program:

We believe in personal development and as result, we encourage our employees to take advantage of our generous tuition reimbursement program. After you complete your first year of employment, you’re eligible to earn up to $10,000 towards schooling, and after completing 5 years of service, you’re eligible to earn up to $20,000.

Calling Illinois "Home"

We are proud of our home and the outstanding schools, recreation, and support our surrounding communities offer. Quincy and Pike County offer more than just a view of the Mississippi, they offer an easy lifestyle surrounded by good natured, friendly people. Quincy is enriched with history with more than 3,600 buildings on the National Historic Register, while Pike County is known worldwide for trophy-winning whitetail deer hunting. Whether you are interested in the history, the outdoors, or the future growth of our cities, the surrounding areas of Blessing Hospital offer something for everyone. We feel that you will fall in love with our communities as many of our employees have done and before long, you’ll be calling Illinois "home."

You can learn more about Quincy and Pike County on the sites below:


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